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⚡ Overview

    Developed by Microsoft, ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages.NET. It is a powerful tool made for programmers and developers who are working on building rich and dynamic web applications and websites. ASP.NET is a special feature of Microsoft’s .NET Framework and is not limited to script languages. Programmers can use .NET languages such as C#, Visual Basic and J# to build compelling web applications.

    ASP’s function on the server side allowed the server to generate WebPages that were dynamic to the actions of the user.it was possible to build sites like eBay, Amazon and many other popular sites.

    The features of ASP .NET software framework can be classified as:

  • ASP .NET is a platform independent of technology
  • ASP .NET supports multiple languages
  • Common language runtime engine.
  • Framework class library.
  • Simplified Deployment.
  • Portability.
  • Security.
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Benefits of ASP .NET

Having an ASP.NET certification gives an edge to professionals:

Learn to design and develop ASP.NET applications

Save time on coding while working on building large web applications with lesser coding.

The complementary design and rich toolbox of the ASP.NET framework offers excellent features such as drag-and drop-server controls, automatic deployment, etc.

With the HTML and source code being together, it’s easy to write and maintain web pages.

Reduce developmental costs by decreasing the time and effort spent on additional coding for large and complex applications.

Feature library encompassing a great number of ready-to-use functions and web-controls to build applications from scratch.

Regularly updated by Microsoft to keep it relevant to the trends.

Future of ASP .Net

Developers wondering what's new with the framework and if it's still worth the time can be assured that .Net's development through opensource models is still going strong. .Net developers are in demand for their ability to build .Net applications that are flexible and scalable. Businesses can launch enterprise solutions through web applications, seed databases for machine learning, and discover cross-platform solutions. The .Net Foundation continues to innovate, and we predict it will remain a staple framework.

⚡ About ASP .NET

Before ASP .NET technology, the Microsoft family had 3 technologies which were playing a very important role in IT Industry. They were VB, VC++ and ASP. But these technologies had certain drawbacks like platform dependency and it was used to develop only windows or web applications. Microsoft started to develop .NET in late 1990s under the name of Next gen Window Service. By late 2000, the first beta version of .NET 1.0 was released. The Development tools in different generations are.

  • Visual Studio: Generation 1.0
  • Visual Studio 2003: Generation 1.1
  • Visual Studio 2005: Generation 2.0
  • Visual Studio 2008,10,12,13: Generation 3.5,4.0,4.5,4.5.1
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The applications of advanced .NET training are immense in various sectors. Students well versed in advanced .NET training can go in the field of window applications, web applications and mobile applications development, since these applications are used to develop desktop apps, web apps, etc. Hence the scope for career growth after completing advanced .NET training is immense in India and abroad.

Students can rise in their career if they have good experience in the software field. There are a lot of professionals who are educated but a few professionals who are highly skilled, hence getting skilled in .NET training along with certification from BRILLIANCE can help Indian as well as students to get jobs in software companies easily.

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To be efficient software professional, one should start learning the C# language and ASP.NET technology so that students can get a glimpse of the window application, mobile applications and web applications. In addition, if they learn SQL for database management it gives a good knowledge base in managing the technology. After that the basics and depth of .NET is learned in comprehensive way.

After mastering .NET students can foray into advanced .NET Training to enrich their skills more efficiently and increase their chances of getting placed. BRILLIANCE provides students with 6 months advanced.NET training that develops their technical skill and accelerates career opportunity.

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    BRILLIANCE has emerged as the leader in “High end Technologies” .The company has eminent trainers who are expert in their field and offers comprehensive ASP .NET training . BRILLIANCE involving short term vocational training that assist students with professional and academic project and enhances their technical skill.

    Students should pursue 4/6 weeks ASP .NET training in Jaipur and other locations so that they can cover the syllabus comprehensively and also avail the benefits as well as the quality standards that the company offers. Some of the quality standards of BRILLIANCE are:

    • The labs are well equipped with latest tools and equipment for students to get practical exposure.
    • Individual attention is given to each student to ensure effective learning in advanced .NET training.
    • Common language runtime engine.
    • Framework class library.
    • Simplified Deployment.
    • Portability.
    • Security.

    Keeping these features in mind, students should join the advanced ASP .NET training program, so as to enjoy the quality services offered by the company.

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    Almost all the software companies whether MNC or small company uses the ASP .NET technology. Some of the prominent software companies are:.

    • Infosys.
    • Wipro.
    • Amazon.
    • TCS.
    • Microsoft.
    • IBM.

    As the technological world is changing at rapid pace, these companies hire the manpower proficient in .NET training with good pay package to develop web and mobile applications at larger scale, so there are massive opportunities for the budding developers.

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⚡ How It Works

Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax

They Can Do.

Undergraduates, Graduates and Post-Graduates

They Can Do.

Basic knowledge of languages like C# or Visual Basic & Job aspirants

They Can Do.

⚡ FAQs

  • What are the important components of .Net?
    • The components of .Net are Common language run-time, .Net Class library, Application domain, Common Type System, .Net framework, Profiling, etc. However, the two important components are Class library and Common Language Runtime.

  • What is ASP.Net?
    • ASP .Net is a part of .Net technology and it comprises of CLR too. It is an open source server-side technology that enables the programmers to build powerful web services, websites and web applications.

      ASP stands for Active Server Pages.

  • What is an Assembly?
    • DAn Assembly is a collection of logical units. Logical units refer to the types and resources which are required to build an application and deploy them using the .Net framework. The CLR uses this information for type implementations. Basically, Assembly is a collection of Exe and Dlls. It is portable and executable.

  • What is Caching?
    • Caching means storing data temporarily in the memory so that the application can access the data from the cache instead of looking for its original location. This increases the performance of the application and its speed. System.Runtime.Caching namespace is used for Caching information in .Net.

  • What is GAC?
    • GAC stands for Global Assembly Cache. Whenever CLR gets installed on the machine, GAC comes as a part of it. GAC specifically stores those assemblies which will be shared by many applications. A Developer tool called Gacutil.exe is used to add any file to GAC.

  • What is a delegate in .NET?
    • A delegate in .NET is similar to a function pointer in C or C++. Using a delegate allows the programmer to encapsulate a reference to a method inside a delegate object. The delegate object can then be passed to code which can call the referenced method, without having to know at compile time which method will be invoked. In addition, we could use delegate to create custom event within a class.


Arjun Joshi

I learnt .net from brilliance. It is difficult for me to tell about their teaching skill really it is great. His approach of teaching is not like reading books it is different from anything. I want to tell from all student that if u want to learn in a industrial manner or want to become a developer then join brilliance it techno and get the experiance of their trainers

3 months

Paritosh Jangid

Best training institute for C#, Asp.net, I did my training and I was extremely satisfied with the delivery and trainers knowledge about the subject.

8 months

Nimit Singania

Excellent Training Institute For Java, Android development and Digital Marketing. They also help us to enhance our learning skills with examples.

4 months

Gaurav Gupta

brilliance it techno was suggested by my senior for the most excellent asp.net. i came for admission and like the behaviour of every staffs.I like the training classes for c# and our trainer is well experienced and helpful.

2 months

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